Specialty Games at Online Casinos

what about Bingo, Keno, Virtual Sports or Skill Games?!

Specialty Games – In their efforts to provide a fully-rounded offer that would appeal to more users that just fans of casino games, most online casinos nowadays also offer a collection of so-called “specialty games”. These games include a diverse range of gambling products, from virtual sports to games like Bingo and Keno.

Specialty games are aimed at both players of games like Blackjack or Slots who want to take the occasional break, but also those who sign up solely with Bingo or Keno in mind. For a full breakdown of the different types of specialty games you can find at online casinos, take a look at the simplified guide below.

  • What kind of specialty games are available at online casinos?
  • Are these kind of games skills or games of chance?
  • Which casino offers the most different “soft-games”?
  • Can you play specialty games for high stakes too?

Specialty Games – Players Favorites

How to get started playing Specialty Games online

Many casinos online offer them and there is no special account needed. You can play the full selection of games with your regular player account. Registering one is free and easy.

  • Fill on all requested details. Make sure to use real* personal details cause fake ones will be detected and tour account will be blocked.
  • One approved and activated you can choose a deposit method to deposit some money to your players-balance.
  • A good tip is to make use of the welcome bonus, it;s free and gives you some extra money ot play. (Don’t forget to read the T&C’s first!)

*The risk of getting your account blocked when registering a account can result in your winnings being void. Can you imagine winning a couple of hundred (or even more) just to find your account will be blocked and deleted?! So avoid disappointments, do sign up with real details!

Specialty Game Casinos

Royal Vegas Casino has by far the biggest (and best!) selection of specialty games. With almost 40 special games that are not like Slots or Tablegames this is the place to be for the player looking for somethign else!

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Royal Panda Casino offers a handful of softgames that are quite fun to play.

Virtual Horse-racing and the famous game “Germinator” are just two of them. Fancy a bit more “fun” in your games? Royal Panda offers the best of both worlds.

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Just like Royal Vegas this casino has a lot to offer for the “leisure” player. A broad selection of special games that can be played for very low stakes and therefore will not costs you the world if you loose.

But if you want to get a bit more “thrill” you can raise your stake without any problems. But be carefull don’t let greed take over!
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For US players


Slotocash has a special selection specialty games. Opposed to other casinos though they classify different games for this section. Nevertheless still a great way to get acquaint with some new games. So feel free to sign up and do not forget to take advantage of their sign up bonus.
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At Super Nova Casino you can choose from a variations of specialty games like; Keno, Bingo, Sudoku, Gunslinger Gold and a many more. For US players looking for some fun games SuperNova Casino might be just the place to be!
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Types of Online Specialty Games

The exact range of games varies from one online casino to the next, but nearly every operator on the net will offer the most popular Virtual Sports games, Bingo or Keno, Scratchcards and the so called Skill Games. There are also some who have more variants from each category and a collection that is just as big as their table game offer.

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This classic family game has successfully moved out of the Bingo halls which have long lost their shine to the online platforms of modern casinos. The variations you can find are almost the same traditional games you’ve probably played on Sunday, only in a virtual and single-player format:

  • European or 90-Ball Bingo – The classic European variant, as popularised in the UK, 90-ball bingo is played with tickets with 27 spaces (9×3) and has 90 numbers in the draw. The game often comes with other specialty bonuses, apart from the standard one-line, two-line, and full house.
  • American Bingo or 75-Ball Bingo – A scaled-down version of European Bingo, this variant is mostly popular in the US. The ticket here uses fewer spaces – 25 (5×5), and you can choose how many balls you want drawn. The jackpot is won by scoring all the numbers but there are also other rewards for different patterns, like the corner, hearts, or spots
  • 30 Ball Bingo – An even smaller version with 30 numbers and a 3×3 ticket.
  • Progressive Bingo – Either European or American versions of Bingo with a progressive jackpot pool that runs across different casinos offering the game. To win the jackpot, you have to meet special rules like getting a full house in a pre-determined number of calls or something similar.

Selection of Bingo Games

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Often confused with Bingo, Keno is likewise a game of matching numbers, but with a slight difference in the paytables and layout. Basically, Keno is played with up to 15 numbers that you have to select yourself, but instead of matching rows you would have to hit 3, 4 or more of your handpicked numbers. The trick being that the number of balls drawn is far less than with Bingo games.

The choices you have for playing Keno are as follows:

  • Classic Keno – With classic Keno, you can select up to 15 numbers, depending on the casino, and receive a cash prize for hitting as little as 2 numbers. The wagers you can make are usually quite small, but they vary between different casinos.
  • Progressive Keno – Just like progressive Bingo, this version of Keno has a progressive jackpot for a specialty combination. One example is NetEnt’s Jackpot Keno, where your numbers should spell out a “J” on the ticket to trigger the jackpot.

Virtual Sports

Virtual sports are another modern addition to online casinos that has become increasingly popular in the past years. These games are virtual simulations of sport events with real players and teams where you can bet on various outcomes, just like in most online sportsbooks.

The ones you can find online include, but are not limited to, the following sports:

  • Virtual Horse Racing – Pick your favourite with the help of previous race stats, put a wager, and watch the race unfold on your screen. Popular choices include Premier Racing and Virtual Racebook 3D.
  • Virtual Football – The most varied offer, virtual football games are mostly ones based on popular championships like the Virtual Euros, Virtual African Cup, or Virtual World Cup.
  • Virtual Rugby/American Football – Games based on the English rugby tournaments or the NFL.
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Other Specialty Games

Apart from Bingo, Keno and Virtual Sports, some casinos also offer other types of specialty games, some of which are even gambling versions of the games you play at home for fun. The most notable examples are:

  • Sudoku – A slot version of the classic Japanese puzzle game, online Sudoku will have you bet a wager and receive a random 9-number combination. The object is to get a matched group (or groups) of numbers.
  • Sic Bo – Sic Bo is a game of dice where you bet on certain number combination (like a 6 and 2, for example). There are plenty of bets available, just like in craps, but the number of dices rolled each time is three.

Interesting Facts about Specialty Games

  • Bingo was reportedly conceived in the 18th century in Germany as a teaching tool designed to help children memorize the multiplication table more easily.
  • Online Specialty games use Random Number Generators to produce countless random outcomes on the screen, thus leaving your wagers all in the hands of luck.
  • Keno is believed to have been first conceived in China nearly a millennium ago, but it didn’t make it to the US until the 18th
  • The first game of Virtual Sports was a fantasy baseball game developed in 1961 for an IBM computer with only 20 KB of memory. The game also used a Random Number Generator and statistics to determine the outcomes.
  • Sic Bo has been around for centuries but was only officially legalized in UK land-based casinos in 2002.


Sometimes you just want to play fantasy sports or even spend a quarter on a Bingo ticket out of the blue. But instead of running down to your local betting shop or vendor, you can now have the same fun and cash prizes within a click/tap or two on your mobile or desktop screen. And sure, these aren’t the advanced games of skill and luck like Poker and Blackjack are, but that’s the whole point of enjoying specialty games.