Casino War

the quickest and most simple cardgame, online casino War!

Casino War, remember this game? We used to play it as kids! Now, you can Win some serious cash playing it at your favorite Casino!

There is zero strategy in the game Casino War. It’s simply the luck of the draw. You play head to head against the house. The dealer deals one card to you and one to himself. The one with the higher card wins the hand. If the cards are of equal value, a “war” decides the winner. The dealer plays three face-down cards and a fourth face-up card for both himself and the player. The higher-valued face-up card wins the hand and the “war”. In the case of another tie, the process is repeated until there is no tie.

The simplicity and fast pace of War translates into an incredible adrenaline rush! Try it for yourself.

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What Casino War Variations Can I Find Online?

Casino War isn’t as complex a game as Blackjack or Poker, so there little wiggle room for rule variations. There’s only a handful rules in the game, so it’s not like you can change much.

Nearly all online casinos offer the same type of Casino War, with the exception being that some also come with bonuses, side bets, or less decks than the standard 6. For example, Casino War from GameSys comes with a 3x bonus for two consecutive ties, which takes the game’s house edge down significantly.

There are also other variations that come with a 10:1 side bet on the tie, a 2:1 payout on tie after a tie, or even 1-3 decks. However, this is the full extent to which online Casino War games vary.

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Casino War

casino war games onlineCasino War is one of the easiest card games you can find in any land-based or online casino. Reports say that the game was introduced to Vegas casinos somewhere around the 70s, but its true fans know it from way back. And with the advance of modern times, you can now find it in almost any online casino as well.

The game is believed to date back to the Middle Age in Europe, when it was played in the confines of households during the Black Plague. It is believed to have spread since that point on to other continents, before eventually finding its way in the US, where it was simply known as War.

The story gets blurry here, but most reports say that the game was introduced to a Vegas casino by an owner who was looking for a new card game to interest players. He picked up one of the most popular home games, War, and added the Casino and money wagers to it. The rest, as they say, is history.

The House Edge

With the dealer and the player both having (roughly put) a 50% chance of winning on the first dealt card, Casino War sounds like a great value game. However, the game’s house edge is drastically changed in the event of a tie.

For example, if you put £5 as your original stake, you would have to put in an extra £5 to go to war. If you win, you would get a total of £15 (1:1 on original payout) i.e. you are wagering £10 to win back £5. That’s where the house edge is made.

Thus, a standard six deck game has a house edge of 2.88% for going to war, which is significantly higher than most casino card games. The only variants where the house edge is lower are ones with a bonus game, which have a 2.33% edge.

How to Play Casino War Online?

Casino War comes without any complex set of rules, so learning how to play should be really simple for you. At the beginning of each game, you place your wager and you and the dealer are each dealt a single card. Per the game rules, if your card is higher, you win the wager, and if it’s not, you lose it. The card’s values are the same as in Poker, only the Ace is considered the highest valued card and the suits don’t matter, at all. Where things get a slightly trickier, though, is when you and the dealer are tied (you have the same card).

Tie Rules in Casino War

When there is a tie, you have two options available: either surrender and forfeit half your bet or “go to war “and double your stake.

If you choose to go to war, the dealer will “burn” three cards (discard them) and then deal one each for the player and himself.

If your card is higher, you win the amount of your original wager, and if the dealer has the higher card, you lose your doubled stake. If you are tied, then you can win either 2:1 on your original wager, or 3:1, depending on the variation.

The Bonus / Side Bets

Some Casino War variations also come with a side bet, or a bonus if you will. The side bet is always a tie bet that you make before each hand begins. These bets come with 10:1 payouts, which don’t sound bad at all, until you consider that your chances of winning the bet are 1 in 13.

What’s the Best Strategy?

There is little you can do in terms of strategising in a Casino War game. After all, this is a game of luck, so how you play your hands has little effect on the outcome.

However, there are still some strategic moves you can make to lower the casino’s advantage over you and come out on top in the long run:

  • Always go to war – going to war gives the casino a house edge of 2.88%. Surrendering, on the other hand, boosts it up to 3.70%.
  • Stay away from the side bet – the 10:1 payout may sound lucrative, but the house edge on this bet is also ridiculously high – 18.65%.
  • Forget about card counting – with even payouts, rarely any effect of removing cards on your advantage, and only one bonus, there is little to no effect from counting cards in a game of Casino War.
  • Keep your eyes on your money – Casino War is played fast, especially in an online casino. So, make sure you keep your budget in check, as to avoid losing your money in a rush.
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If you’ve ever played the classic War game as a kid, then picking up Casino War will be an easy leap. And even if you didn’t, the game is so simple to play that anyone can find value in it. However, don’t expect to become a high-roller by playing Casino War. This is, after all, a game of 50/50 chances, with the occasional campaign of going to War. Thus, it’s a fast-paced card game that relies solely on luck, which is why it’s mostly played for small profits and leisure, rather than turning your life around.