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Online Casino Games are amongst the most popular games played on the internet. Every day millions of people play casino games both for fun and real money casino games. They either visit a brick and mortar casino or they try their luck playing casino games online. With thousands of different games available it will not surprise you that we will not be able to present a full list of casino games available. However we will go more into detail on the different types of games casinos offer.

casino table-games

The most characteristic games available at casinos are the table games. They attract all kind of players and for sure you can name many movies where games like Roulette, Craps, Baccarat, Blackjack or Poker made their appearance.

Casino Slots come in ten thousands different variations. Launched frequently in many formats and with famous themes (think, blockbusters, artists, bands or characters) the slots-machines in casinos will never bore players.

“Newcomers” amongst online casino games are the gambling games that involve skills. Depending on chance alone is not what the new generation players is looking for. Being raised with PS & XboX they want to apply skills to win!

Online casino games with live dealers are hot! Many players prefer to play a game in the online casino at the live dealer table. Real people, real money in a real world, what more could a player wish for… winning of course!!

Roulette might be one of the most played games but the different types of casino card games outnumber it by far. Blackjack, Baccarat and Poker have the advantage that they are considered “less” hardcore gambling for many.

What would humanity do without our mobile these days? Everybody has one and uses it daily. Hence casinos have made most of their games compatible for mobile devices. Now you can play all casino games everywhere!

Many might think Craps is the only casino game played with dice. but it’s not. Chinese players love to play Sic-Bo which is played with dice as well. Belgium is famous for their Dice Slots and ever heard of Ricochet or Chuck-a-Luck?!

Online casinos with Scratch-Cards are a regular find nowadays. Most of the casinos on the web offer Scratch games and your chances of winning are higher than any regular Scratchers you can find. 1 to 3 is the common standard online.

Obviously Roulette is the number one casino game played with a ball. But Bingo and Keno can be played at many online casinos too. Normally you will be able to find them at the tab for specialty games section or under leisure games.


Difference between offline and online casino games

Although the myth that outcome of games is different when played offline or online is simply not true (hence it’s called a myth no?). It really doesn’t matter what you prefer as the basic principles of all casino games (whether off- or online) are all the same. The same goes for the rules of the game and the stakes you can play.

In general one can state that the only difference is the built and materials used. Offline casino games like table games and slots are built out of wood, metal and plastic parts. Online games are simply “built” out of code. Basically they are written in a special computer language that makes the games playable online.

Land Based Casino Games

Ever sat at the table in a casino in Buenos Aires, Vegas, Melbourne, Monaco or Macau? If so for sure you have noticed the marvelous built of the casino tables and chair that come with them. There are some master craftsmen out there making sure you will feel like a Queen or King when playing in land based casinos.

Brass, leather, mahogany and other fine materials are used to built the best professional casino table games men can offer. It takes months to built a roulette table and costs are extremely high.  Not only do table games need to offer comfort and durability but also -and this is the most important aspect- accuracy.

Players need to be able to rely on that outcome of all games offered at the tables is ad random and that the dealers or casino are not able to manipulate or influence the results of the games.

Online Casino Games

AS previously mentioned online casino games are written (built) in code. The computer language makes sure the games can be played online. A team of coders and designers can spend months working and testing a new game before it is released. If the game is a copy of a actual land based game it needs to have the exact same look and feel to be able to become a success.

In general all games one can find in real casinos can be played online too.  Roughly 90% of the games ni the online casino lobby are perfect copies of the originals. But there are many online games that are not available in brick and mortar casino because they are built only for online casino players.

The demand for new releases of online casino slots is so high that a new one is launched every week.  with hundreds of casino software providers in the world players have many options to choose from.


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Best assorted online casino games sites

Although many casino claim to have a great selection of online casino games (and most of them certainly all do!) there are only a few who really have stretched their limits to the max. Below the two casinos that can offer you the best selection of casino games for US players and for players residing in other countries.


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