Scratch Cards

virtual scratching the numbers for top prizes at online scratch card games

Scratch Cards – online scratch games for quick luck

Scratch cards, a decade ago were something you would grab while waiting at the cash register for, hopefully, quick wins. They have now become a staple in the online world. Scratch Card Games are basically a cheap and often fun way to earn some cash. Scratchers are seen as something you do when you want to take a break from the more serious options, like casino table games or the video slots.

But thanks to the advance of online technology, these recreational scratch games have moved out of the shadow of their gambling brothers and have become a thing of their own. There are now all sorts of scratch cards available online, from the classic scratch-and-go tickets to even ones that bring a gaming twist to the table. In short, this is the best time to be living in for any fan of scratchers.

If you’re a fan yourself and you’re interested in winning games the online scratch card offers you can find among online casinos, check out this scratch card guide to help you on your way.

  • Scratch virtually in ease with your mouse (option to scratch all fields in one click!)
  • High win chances for small prizes, free card one in on of every three card is common online
  • Over 200 different scratchers games to choose from online
  • Low stakes games so they don’t “cost you the bank”

Scratch Card Games – Players Favorites

Playing Scratch Cards Online in three easy steps

There are many casinos that offer scratch cards but usually those are just a few “side-games”. If you really are a fanatic scratch games player you only want the best not? Well there are two major players online that provide the best scratch games you can play. Scratchmania and PrimeScratch. You can find all details top right of his page. If you want sign up at either one of them please keep the below in mind.

  • Provide genuine details on the registration form. (Would be a bummer if you win and you are not getting paid for providing wrong info not?!) 
  • Select the payment method that fits you best (all of them are safe so no worries there)
  • Want to add some extra cash to your deposit? Check out the promo-page on the website you choose and take advantage of free money as a new customer.

All done? Well ready than to play some exciting new scratch card games online and hopefully you will win an instant prize. Didn’t won one your first card?! There is always time to try another one not!!

Scratch Cards Online

Scratchmania are famous for their high quality online scratch games. With over 50 different cards you can’t miss. Most of them contain top prizes. With all kinds of different themes like lotteries, fun, sports, slots and more you have instant access to more cards than you can imagine.

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PrimeScratch is one of the pioneers of online scratchers. Originating from 2006 they are an authority online. Over the the years they have proven to take good care of their customers and provide one of the best scratchcard selection you can find online. A card starts at 10cts and if you want to take a bigger risk you can purchase scratchcards up to $/€25 a card.

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Scratchers for US players

Slotocash is one of the few online casinos that accepts US players and offers virtual scratchcard games. With 5 different cards their selection is not the biggest but still they are fun to play. And more important you can win great cash prizes. So what’s keeping you? Scratch away!

  • 5 Diamond Blackjack
  • Hot Dice
  • Lucky 8’s
  • Magic 7’s
  • Treasure Tree

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Scratch Card Variations

The only variety you can find is in terms of user controls, themes, money, and the format itself. For example, most virtual scratch cards would have you use a virtual coin or pen to scratch off the coating while others will have you press a button. There are also those that involve a side game, or ones that would have you do engaging tasks instead of scratching.

In short, the following are only some (and more popular) types of scratchers you can find online:

  • Licensed Scratchers– Scratch cards that come with a licensed theme, like your favourite movie, TV show, or even comic book. Licensed scratchers mostly have a classic format (you scratch to win) and would involve matching a few of the winning symbols. Some of the more popular choices are Rocky, Captain America, Pink Panther, and even X Factor.
  • Bingo Scratch Cards – Scratchers that take on the bingo theme. Bingo Scratch Cards are usually played similar to real Bingo and would have you scratch for a winning number combination out of a larger grid of fields.
  • Casino Scratch Cards – Scratch cards based on popular casino games like Blackjack, Roulette, and so on, like the 5 Diamond Blackjack from RTG.
  • Scratch Card Games – Scratch cards where you have to play a game to win the prize, instead of just scratch. For example, the Treasure Island scratch has a map grid that you have to scratch, step by step, to make a path to your treasure. The Crown and Anchor scratch, on the other hand, will have you bet on any of the 6 fields, roll 3 dices, and win money if more than one dice lands on your field’s symbol. You get the gist.
  • Automated Scratch Cards – Scratch Cards like the Dragon Fortune, which will have you enter a wager, press a button, and wait as the dragon spits fire pearls with different winning symbols. You don’t manually scratch anything, but just re-hit the bet button.
  • Lottery Scratchers – Just like their real-life counterparts, online lottery scratchers are part of a larger prize pool that you can win with a specific combination.

Scratch Card Providers

Despite being easier to develop than table or card games, there are only a few game studios that make scratch cards and most of them are industry veterans. There are also new-coming casino game developers who try their hand at developing their own games, but their products are too few to be worth a mention. Thus, the most variety can be found among the following studios:

Microgaming – Ask any casino player what are the best game studios of today and one of those answers is bound to be Microgaming. This online pioneer of a studio has been making games since 1994, and part of their colourful game portfolio is filled up with scratch cards as well. The more popular choices are Freezing Fuzzbals and Mumbai Magic, but there are also others.

Playtech – Involved in the online casino scene since 1999, Playtech are a studio that’s achieved just as impressive a craftsmanship in their scratch card collection as they did in their slots and table games. Their long line of classic scratchers includes Rocky, The Pink Panther, and Iron Man 2, which were all ported from their slot designs.

NetEnt – Another online casino games giant, NetEnt’s bread and butter are standard casino games, but they’ve also produced a successful scratch card portfolio. Among their range of scratch cards you can find the classic Triple Wins and Max Win, but also the more colourful Lost Pyramid.

Rival – This game studio has been in operation since 2006 and has so far produced a range of classic casino games, but also a great deal of scratch cards. Their scratchers mostly take on classic casino themes like their Gunslinger’s Gold and Tiki Treasure, but they also have other interesting designs like Penguin Payday and Beach Bums.


Interesting Scratch Game Facts

  • John Koza and Daniel Bower are credited for making the first computer-produced instant lottery scratcher for the Scientific Games Company in the 1970s. They reportedly had the idea that lottery players didn’t want to wait for a full week to see if they’ve won and thus decided to create a random number algorithm (the work of Koza) for the purpose.
  • Scratch cards were an instant hit with US lotteries, since they almost doubled their revenues. Not long after the first tickets were provided to the Massachusetts Lottery Commission other lotteries jumped in on the bandwagon. Today, almost every national lottery has more than one scratch card to sell.
  • The first online scratch cards appeared circa 2010 and were run on Adobe Flash.
  • The original inventors of computer generated scratchers, Scientific Games, are also one of the two biggest manufacturers of scratch tickets in the world.
  • One of the main culprits for scratch card lottery jackpots being so hard to win is Mohan Srivastava – an Ontario statistician who reportedly cracked the random number algorithm and found a way to beat the lottery. But instead of “wasting” his time doing it, he reported the glitch to the Ontario Lottery.
  • New Zealand has a limit on how many scratch cards you can buy at a time – 12.


Unlike the scratch cards you can find in your local store, online scratch cards add a new dose of excitement to the loyal scratchers fan. Instead of spending a £1 or two only to throw away the ticket in under a minute, with online scratch cards you can engage yourself in a different way, while still win the same money.

Even if you didn’t like the game versions, it’s much more convenient to grab your phone and scratch off when you feel the need, rather than dress up and go to the ticket stand yourself. And if you don’t like spending money, you can also enjoy most scratchers for free, thanks to demo versions of the scratch card games.