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RoyalPanda Casino Review – Royalpanda is an online casino that has a lot of great things to offer. The casino has done a good job of determining what it is that online casino players tend to look for the most and implementing those… read full review

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CASINO.COM is one of the most popular of the online casinos. It offers players many of the common features that they tend to look for. It starts out by giving them a URL that’s impossible to forget and continues to gain recognition for itself by offering an impressive selection of casino games run on excellent software… read full review

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RoyalVegasCasino is an online casino that’s been appropriately named. This casino definitely has a royal feel and it also helps players feel as if they are playing in Las Vegas. This online casino has been offering players the perfect online casino gaming environment since it first appeared online in 2000… read full review

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CASINO LUCK is an online casino with an exciting history that goes back to 1999 when the casino first came online. This casino has earned a reputation for being one of the online casinos that gives players all of the selection they need in order to enjoy the online gaming experience the way it should be… read full review

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Mansion Casino is an online casino that has it all. When players are looking for one of the best, they should put their attention toward this online casino. It has a spectacular look, a fantastic selection of high quality games, generous bonuses, reliable support and many features players… read full review

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Europalace Casino is an impressive online casino with plenty of great things to offer those who decide to play there. Along with a fantastic design and an impressive selection of games, Europalace Casino also gives players access to some very generous promotions, a secure gaming environment…read full review


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Online Casinos USA

SLOTO-CASH CASINO is an online casino that’s dedicated to offering online casino players a fantastic gaming environment. This casino offers games powered by trustworthy and reliable Real Time Gaming software. It is also an online casino that’s US player friendly, something that’s a bit more difficult to find. Along with an extensive selection of impressive casino games, Slotocash is also great about… read full review


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SUPER NOVA CASINO is an online casino that invites players to log on and experience something a bit different with regards to its design. The unique look of this online casino is just one of the many things that helps to make it a casino players will want to pay attention to. This is a new and fresh online casino that offers players… read full review


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Club World Casinos is an online casino that’s been offering players an amazing online casino gaming environment since 2005. There is a long list of amazing things this casino has to offer and numerous reasons why players should consider it for their casino gaming needs. Club World Casinos is an exciting… read full review


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Lucky Red Casino is a popular online casino with a lot of excellent features and benefits to offer. It has been online since 2009 and since this time, it has earned a great reputation for itself. Lucky Red Casino has many great games run on excellent software. lagre bonuses and many other element player will… read full review


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Online Casino Reviews – pick wisely and play happily

Online Casino Reviews – We have put together the a reliable list of online casino reviews. We strongly suggest that you read the entire review before choosing to play at any of the government-regulated online casinos on the casino review pages.

The team at Online Casino Showcase has over 25 years of experience in the online gambling industry. The online casinos listed in on our site have been certified by real third party companies and compiled after being meticulously scrutinized by our veterans for online play.

The online casinos reviewed here are monitored by Online Casino Showcase for reliability and fairness. All of them license an officially recognized software platform, provide a legit gaming experience, and offer excellent customer service. Take advantage of our knowledge and experience and play at the most trusted, reputable, and popular online casinos on the Internet.

Online Casinos – what do we review?

online-casino-review-websiteA quick glance at a website of a casino gives tons of details about that particular casino. Hence it is one of the fundamentals you can find in our online casino reviews. Although we are aware that some of the appraised “feel & look” of famous casinos is very personal it tells a lot about the people behind it.

We are convinced that taking just five minutes to go over a website is a must for any player. How are sections displayed, is the menu intuitive, what games are offered, can you deposit with your preferred method, does the tonality used on the site sounds appealing to you etc.

In general a casino website needs to provide an answer to the for-mentioned questions/ remarks before you should even thinking of registering an account. A casino website could be the maker or breaker for player!

online casino reviews gamesAs much as a website is mandatory for any online casino, a good game portfolio is crucial to attract players. Without a selection of a minimum of 100 games and up you are you are nowhere to be seen as an online casino now-a-days.

A solid offering of video slots, table games (both in software and live dealer version), skill games and even scratch and bingo are common ant any online casino. And not just a game from one provider, at least four or five are common.

The majority of players demands Roulette and Blackjack games from several providers. This allows them can compare games and even play with different strategies on multiple tables. The slots-player requires the latest video slots with progressive jackpots and blockbusters themes like Game of Thrones, 007 or SouthPark. A selection classic slot needs to be available as well.

online casino bonus reivewFree money is the miracle word in online casino land. Free money?! Well not exactly. Nevertheless a bonus is still the trigger fro many player to sign up at a casino on internet. Although the free bonus still raises many questions (sometimes for both players as well as staff) casinos keep on competing. A quick search on the web will make you aware of the offers that as it seems are rocketing.

We review the casino bonuses offered by programs and if we find any strange terms you will be informed in the particular review of the casino involved. Cause let’s face it, although the bonus is “free” some of the terms and conditions attached to them are so ridiculous that is it useless to offer such a promotion. Let aside to take such a bonus.

In some cases it is better just to avoid the hassle and play with your own money only instead of being tied up to bonus requirements. So pay special attention to the bonus review section.


casino review support desksYou’d be surprised how many times you might encounter a support agent that has to escalate your query. Therefore we test the helpdesk of the casinos that we review. Occasionally and obviously without exposing ourselves we drop them an email from one of our testaccounts with a question. Just to check what answer we get, what the response time is and if the agent is professional and wel mannered.

We do the same via live-chat. A great medium to contact the casino helpdesk but sometimes agent can be a bit inpatient on the chat. They seem to forget that they are typing away for hours a day but some of us only work the keyboard occasionally or not at all. Live chat reviews can be a good indicator of anticipation of support staff.

review secure payment optionsFinancial transaction need to be safe, different deposit options need to be available and withdrawals need to be processed in a timely matter. Privacy and security are the highest priority for any player in the world. Especially when playing online casinos.

A reliable website provides several options to fund your casino and to withdraw your winnings. Long gone are the days that you needed to wait 5 working days for approval and another two weeks before receiving your winnings. We reviewed casinos that claim 24 hour withdrawals and same day pay-out. You’d be surprised how many times we succeeded and receive our money on time. Processing money became a skill for many casinos. Players should not wait longer than 48 hours on average for there money. Keep up the good work!

online casino review license and certificationThe licensing authorities that provide the online casinos with a license and game certificates are numerous. But are they all of equal quality? In our reviews we warn you for those authorities that are “on the lower end of the ladder of trust”.

It is a fact that many online casinos operate without license or even with pirated games. Therefore you need to make sure to read our reviews carefully. It would be a shame if you win a big sum of money only to find out the casino is not paying and has no license or games that are copies of genuine games.

Soem of the authorities that operate globally and we consider trusted are: UK Gambling Commission, Malta Gaming Authority, Alderney Gaming Commission. Gibraltar and the Kahnawake Gaming Commission. Obviously there are more authorities but those are mainly focused on national operations.

Are your reviews unbiased and transparant?!

Yes and no…. well obviously we need to elaborate on that. We can honestly say that everything we write about safety, transparency, support and licensing is genuine. We do not make it any nicer or worse as it is.

E.G.; if a casino states on their website that were granted a license from “authority X” we verify these details on the website of the authority mentioned. The same goes for an Secure Socket Layer certificates (SSL explained) or test certificates from game testing institutes. We do not compromise on any of this information nor would we suggest anybody to open a account when details are not verifiable.

So far for the unbiased part

But… when it comes to games, the feel and look of a website or the overall experience there is always the interpretation and perception of the reviewer. As much as we try to eliminate personal favor we can’t guarantee 100% that if we write “this is one of the best games we’ve played” you will agree with us. You might have a completely different experience.

The same goes for the website. What might be intuitive for you might feel like a maze for our reviewers and vice versa. Look at it like to never ending Apple iOS  versus Android fanboy discussion. Something are just not clip and clear.

So our online casino reviews are fair, honest and transparant but always with a personal influence.

I gamble a lot online can I send you reviews?

We are always happy to receive new reviews about online casinos. We do have some strict guidelines that we like to mention before you start typing away:

  • the review needs to be honest and your personal experience (I heard that, I read in this article etc. is not a personal experience)
  • by sending a review you confirm that nobody has paid you to write a positive review about the casino mentioned in your text
  • if your experience was a bad one, which can happen, still try to be objective. Do not use foul or abusive language

You can send your review via our contact form.  Bear in mind we can not guarantee that your review will be published.

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